Maintenance & Support

Software Maintenance

Our software maintenance service provides customers with software updates from ShapeGrabber and its software partners, Innovmetric (makers of Polyworks®) and Geomagic®, on a regular basis. Subscribers receive regular software updates and patches to ensure that their 3D scanners are running only the most up-to-date software.

Technical Support

ShapeGrabber customers can also access technical support services from our 3D measurement and 3D inspection applications engineers and those of our partners by subscribing to our Technical Support and Software Maintenance Packages.

For immediate support, please contact us.

To sign up for our Software Maintenance and Technical Support services, please contact us.

“ShapeGrabber has world-class customer support. I’ve contacted ShapeGrabber on topics ranging from training, to hardware and returning products for scheduled maintenance. My questions have always been handled with fast, courteous, professional service. It’s nice to work with a vendor that makes customer service a high priority.”
-Keith Thompson, Senior Analyst Programmer, Energizer