Calibration & Certification

Like any measurement device, a 3D scanner must be regularly calibrated to produce accurate results. Through our 3D scanner calibration and certification services, you can ensure that your ShapeGrabber automated scanners and scanheads are providing the most precise scan data possible.

3D Scanhead Calibration

Scanhead calibration ensures that the raw data generated by the camera-laser assembly is converted to accurate x-z coordinates. Scanhead calibration is performed in ShapeGrabber’s calibration lab using specialized equipment, procedures and qualified technical staff who:

  1. Verify the scanhead geometry and alignment, and adjust if necessary.
  2. Take a large number of measurements and generate compensations for always present but subtle optical and geometric imperfections.
  3. Verify the newly calibrated scanhead with certified and NIST-traceable objects, such as gauge blocks and balls bars
  4. Create a certificate of scanhead calibration with accuracy results.

Our annual scanhead recalibration services help customers ensure accurate scan data and compliance with ISO 9000 regulations.

On-Site System Certification

Certification provides an official statement regarding the performance of a ShapeGrabber 3D scanner, which you can in turn provide to your customers. ShapeGrabber certification uses NIST-traceable objects in partnership with an independent ISO 17025 certified lab.

ShapeGrabber certifications are delivered by a field calibration technician who:

  • Performs preventative maintenance of the 3D scanner structure, electronics components, motors and linear motion subsystems.
  • Makes a series of measurements and performs adjustments to optimize scanner accuracy.
  • Takes a second series of measurements to produce a certificate.

To schedule your annual system certification and calibration session, please contact us.

“ShapeGrabber has world-class customer support. I’ve contacted ShapeGrabber on topics ranging from training, to hardware and returning products for scheduled maintenance. My questions have always been handled with fast, courteous, professional service. It’s nice to work with a vendor that makes customer service a high priority.”
-Keith Thompson, Senior Analyst Programmer, Energizer