ShapeGrabber Ai320

Benchtop system for fully automated 3D laser scanning. Our highest resolution and most accurate 3D scanner.

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ShapeGrabber Ai620

Our floor-mount system that delivers unprecedented levels of speed, data quality and resolution.

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ShapeGrabber Ai820

Ideal for larger complex shaped parts that vary in size and shape and for which speed, complete coverage, and ease-of-use are important.

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Automated 3D Scanners

At ShapeGrabber, we design, manufacture, and sell automated 3D scanners ideal for measuring complex shapes that are otherwise too time consuming, costly, or simply impossible to measure. Our 3D laser scanners are very fast and easy to use in comparison to traditional methods, such as gauges, calipers, and Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMMs).

Fast & Accurate
Our 3D scanners represent the next generation in quality control for tough inspection problems. Regardless of shape complexity, a ShapeGrabber automated 3D scanner captures every feature quickly. The accuracy and speed of lasers, combined with state-of-the-art optical engineering, ensure precise measurement in three-dimensions.

Featured Product:

Ai320 Automated 3D Scanner

The ShapeGrabber Ai320 3D scanner is our most accurate scanner to date. The Ai320 combines accuracies rivalling that of touch probe devices with the benefits of non-contact laser scanning. The Ai320 measures the complete surface of complex shaped plastic, metal, and 3D printed parts in minutes with a high density of data points.

The Ai320 derives its inherent accuracy by combining a highly rigid and stable mechanical structure, high precision vertical and rotary motion, state-of-the-art calibration, and the leading-edge optics of the included sg108 scanhead.

Ai320 Automated 3D Scanner