Ai320 Automated 3D Scanner

The ShapeGrabber Ai320 automated 3D scanner is ideal for small to medium, complex-shaped parts where speed, complete coverage and ease-of-use are important. The optional tilt axis adjusts the scanhead to an alternate viewing angle for even more part detail in a single scan set. The Ai320 features a compact size that allows this 3D scanner to fit easily on a workbench or inspection table.

ShapeGrabber’s Ai320 automated 3D scanners bring speed, accuracy, ease-of-use and complete coverage to industrial 3D measurement and inspection. Using precision linear motion to drive the scanhead, optional scanhead tilt axis for additional scan angles, and precision rotary table for part positioning, ShapeGrabber scanners eliminate the need for software alignment and registration and ensure fast, accurate results. Our automated 3D scanning solutions are ideal for situations in which speed and ease of use are important.

As a fast, accurate 3D scanner, the Ai320 helps manufacturers improve product quality and compliance without slowing down production. Our automated scanners provide:

  • Ease of use – no need to write special code to scan each object
  • Speed – fast and simple to scan a part without complicated, time consuming orientation and alignment processes
  • Efficiency – significantly reduce the time required to completely scan a shape, reducing the cost associated with executing the job
  • Visualization – easy to interpret and share results to quickly identify and understand part issues
Ai320 Automated 3D Scanner

Features & Benefits

  • Very fast: reduce your inspection time to minutes instead of hours
  • Turnkey: all you need is your part
  • Totally integrated: acquire, align, and inspect using a click of the mouse
  • Compatible with a wide variety of materials and colors
  • Easy to use: requires no software alignment

Included with Every System

  • High precision scanning platform
  • SG108 Scanhead
  • ShapeGrabber SGCentral™ software for data acquisition, image display and file manipulation
  • Powerful CAD-class workstation
  • 1 year parts and labor warranty
  • 1 year technical support and software maintenance contract
Ai320 Automated 3D Scanner


Physical Characteristics

  • Footprint: Width: 530mm, Depth: 735mm, Height: 957mm
  • Work Surface: Table mount
  • Weight: 150kg
  • Shipping Weight: 200kg
  • Power Requirements: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 HZ, 1 phase, 500 W

Performance Overview 

  • 300mm of vertical motion
  • High precision rotary table automatically reorients part being scanned. Full 360 degree rotation
  • Data capture from 155,000 to 1,500,000+ points/sec
  • Cylindrical scan volume of 300mm high x 100mm in diameter.
  • Optional tilt axis rotates scanhead to a downward look angle of 25 degrees.
  • Laser: IEC Class 2M
Ai320 Automated 3D Scanner