3D Modeling

Using ShapeGrabber 3D scanners, you can create fast and accurate 3D models of complex parts.

ShapeGrabber systems capture, describe and represent complex shapes for use in CAD, CAM, or CAE systems. These systems enable you to translate electronic renderings into reality, while ShapeGrabber scanners enable you to close the design loop by rendering the real world in electronic designs.

Unlike traditional methods of 3D measurement that rely on the inspection of a few pre-programmed points, our non-contact laser scanner technology captures millions of data points to represent the true geometry of your complex part.

Our 3D scanners are fast, easy to use, and do not require the user to write a computer program before scanning a part.

Use ShapeGrabber modeling solutions for:

  • Archival Modeling: Scan and store 3D models of complex parts for future viewing, sharing, analysis and measurement.
  • Reverse Engineering: Create accurate digital models of existing components for re-design or re-engineering purposes.
  • Replication: Replicate complex parts, tooling or parts that are no longer in production.