ShapeGrabber 3D scanners can be used to accurately measure or model any aerospace part. They help aerospace companies ensure stringent dimensional specifications for cast and machined parts.

From airframe parts to engine components, our non-contact scanners are ideal to measure and model legacy aircraft bodies or to model cockpit areas for avionics design purposes.

Aerospace parts manufacturers can use our 3D scanners to:

  • Inspect and measure aircraft parts to meet dimensional specifications
  • Accurately model legacy parts or areas to develop accurate CAD data
  • Replicate existing parts for which 3D models are no longer available

ShapeGrabber systems help aerospace companies to:

  • Ensure turbine engine components dimensional requirements are met
  • Optimize manufacturing processes based on detailed part shapes
  • Reduce shipping defects
  • Rapidly conduct first-article inspection
  • Quickly troubleshoot fit problems
  • Produce trend reports