Quality Control Inspection

ShapeGrabber 3D scanners are ideal for quality control as they allow you to rapidly measure and inspect complex parts.

Our industrial scanners provide 3D inspection data using a fraction of the time and resources compared to traditional methods.

ShapeGrabber non-contact laser scanner technology provides documented proof that manufacturers are meeting specifications by providing NIST-traceable data and accurate 3D scans of complex-shaped parts. These include plastic injection molded parts, castings, stampings and more.

ShapeGrabber scanners are very easy to use for quality control because there is no need to write special code to scan each object. They are also very fast, capturing millions of data points in just minutes to represent the true and full geometry of the part.

Our scanners then compare the 3D scanner results to computer aided design (CAD) models to provide accurate and timely 3D measurement feedback for quality control. Automatically generated reports help to provide proof that you are producing products to specification.

ShapeGrabber 3D scanners let you:

  • Reduce inspection time by rapidly conducting automatic or first-article inspection in minutes.
  • Measure the whole part, not just a few points, providing greater assurance that requirements have been met and improving overall quality.
  • Improve production efficiency by quickly troubleshooting fit problems.
  • Minimize equipment downtime by reducing human error.
  • Reduce material waste by reducing shipping defects.
  • Evaluate part wear by comparing scans of the same part over time.