Industrial Metrology Lab Augments its Part Inspection and Reverse Engineering Services with ShapeGrabber


Founded in 1995, Iowa’s Quad State Gauging & Measurement, Inc. is an industry leader in gauge design and build, part inspection, calibrations, and reverse engineering. Manufacturers in the agriculture, automotive, and medical industries regularly turn to Quad State for its accurate, high quality calibration, testing, and inspection services.



In recent years, the company began to see a steady increase in the number of complex and multi-component parts it was asked to inspect on behalf of customers. “We reached a point where we needed to scan a large number of two-part or three-part lots and we wanted to automate that process as much as possible,” explains Matt Mentzer, President at Quad State Gauging and Measurement, Inc.

The company’s existing inspection tools, which included coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), required significant human involvement and time. Quad State wished to complement its traditional tools with an automated solution that would speed and improve the accuracy of its measurements of complex-shaped parts.


To augment its part inspection and reverse engineering services to customers across the world, Quad State began using an automated ShapeGrabber Ai810 3D scanner. ShapeGrabber’s Ai810 3D scanner is ideal for complex shaped parts where speed, complete coverage, and ease-of-use are important. It can accommodate parts as small as a dime and as large as a small refrigerator.

Thanks to the automated, non-contact laser scanner, Quad State is able to measure every feature of an object, compare it directly to its CAD model, or even create a 3D model from the scan data if none is available.

By speeding inspection time and greatly enhancing part coverage, the Ai810 is helping Quad State customers reduce defects and provide proof that specs are met. Moreover, the company’s long-standing partnership with ShapeGrabber is continuing to yield tangible business benefits that will only be enhanced by the addition the ShapeGrabber Ai810 laser scanner.

“For the past thirteen years, our company has partnered with ShapeGrabber to provide on-site scanner calibration services. Now, with an in-house automated 3D laser scanner, we are able to reduce the time and labor associated with several repetitive measuring projects and deliver faster results to our clients.”

-Matt Mentzer
Quad State Gauging and Measurement Inc.