ShapeGrabber Launches Fastest 3D Scanhead

3D scanner industrial pioneer increases scan speed up to 10 times.

13 November 2012 Ottawa, Canada – ShapeGrabber, a pioneer in the development of 3D laser scanners for  industrial measurement and modeling, today announced the availability of its fastest scanhead to date. The SG156 scanhead delivers a scanning speed gain of 2 to 10 times as compared to previous models, as well as a larger sensing range and greater stability in temperature variations.

Pierre Aubrey, CEO at ShapeGrabber said: “The SG156 scanhead represents the sixth generation of our industrial 3D scanner technology and features a new design with an improved laser, lens, imager and mounting mechanism. It will enable our existing customers to more than double their output speed. With the addition of field of view compression, the speed increase can exceed a factor of ten. Based on extensive internal testing, a speed increase of 4 or 5 times will be typical. New customers will enjoy the most advanced 3D scanning technology platform on the market today.”

DENTSPLY Implants ATLANTIS division, supplier of digital implant solutions and CAD/CAM abutments, has been using ShapeGrabber scanners for more than 7 years, processing thousands of dental models each week at facilities in Sweden and in the U.S. DENTSPLY Implants is now using the new SG156 scanhead in all its ShapeGrabber scanners.

Per Nilsson, Process Engineer at DENTSPLY Implants, Mölndal Sweden, said: “We originally chose ShapeGrabber 3D scanners for their speed, ease of use, data quality and excellent scan volume. With the new SG156 scanhead, these benefits are now magnified and support our business growth. We have reduced our average scan time, thereby increasing our output capacity while significantly reducing cost-per-scan.”

The new scanhead design features these enhancements:

  • Up to 10 times faster scanning speed than its predecessor, the SG102
  • Variable field of view in addition to depth of field
  • Greater accuracy and tolerance to temperature changes
  • Larger dynamic sensing range to scan wider range of part types
  • A new mounting design allows the SG156 scanhead to be easily installed and removed; and, provides greater precision

The SG156 is backward-compatible with all currently installed ShapeGrabber scanners, with the addition of a new mounting bracket assembly.

ShapeGrabber industrial 3D laser scanners are in use by quality professionals and designers in automotive, aerospace, medical device, dental and other industrial sectors. They are ideal for rapid measurement and inspection of complex-shaped parts such as injection molded plastics, metal castings and stampings, and other parts that have compound curves and multiple features.

About ShapeGrabber

At ShapeGrabber, measuring complex shapes is our specialty. We design, manufacture and sell industrial 3D laser scanners that are ideal for measuring complex shapes such as injection-molded plastics, castings and stampings that are otherwise too time consuming, costly or difficult to measure. Considered to be one of the industrial pioneers in the field, ShapeGrabber has been supplying 3D scanners to customers for 17 years, over 5 generations of technology development.

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