ShapeGrabber Has Moved!

31 January, 2014 Ottawa, Canada – ShapeGrabber, a manufacturer of 3D scanners for industrial applications, today moved to the penthouse floor of its existing building.

ShapeGrabber’s main address is now:

ShapeGrabber Incorporated
1900 City Park Drive, Suite 512
Ottawa, ON, K1J 1A3

Its shipping address (for large items) remains:

ShapeGrabber Incorporated
1900 City Park Drive, Suite B1
Ottawa, ON, K1J 1A3

Pierre Aubrey, President at ShapeGrabber said: “This is an exciting time for ShapeGrabber and we are eager to give customers and partners a tour of our new location.”

If you would like to meet the ShapeGrabber team and explore its new office space, please contact ShapeGrabber to schedule a visit.

Contact Information

Sales & Customer Support Contact:
613.247.1707 x1

Media Contact:
Shaun Markey
Shaun Markey Communications for ShapeGrabber