ShapeGrabber Expands USA Sales Network

20 new partners to sell and support ShapeGrabber 3D scanners in North America.

07 January, 2015 Ottawa, Canada– ShapeGrabber, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quality Vision International that manufactures 3D scanners for industrial applications, today announced the addition of more than 20 new channel partners across the USA. The addition of these partners further extends the reach of ShapeGrabber 3D scanners across the continent.

Many of the new partners are experienced in selling and supporting QVI optical and multisensor measuring systems, including OGP SmartScope® systems, and all have extensive metrology and inspection experience.

Pierre Aubrey, President at ShapeGrabber, said: “We’re thrilled to bring on such a large number of partners with strong technical knowledge in our industry. These partners are experienced providers of metrology capital equipment and services, and they will play a critical role in introducing ShapeGrabber’s automated 3D scanner products to new customers in a variety of industries throughout the USA.”

Mike Freauf, President of Crescent Gage & Tool Sales, Texas, one of the new channel partners, said: “ShapeGrabber 3D scanners offer tangible benefits to manufacturers looking to measure and inspect complex parts, improve processes, reduce costs, and increase product quality. We are very pleased to offer these benefits to our customers.”

ShapeGrabber’s automated 3D scanners are ideal for measurement of complex shaped parts where speed, complete coverage, and ease-of-use are important. Its laser scanners can accommodate parts as small as a dime and as large as a small refrigerator. By speeding inspection time and greatly enhancing part coverage, ShapeGrabber inspection and measurement solutions help customers reduce defects and provide proof that specs are met.

About ShapeGrabber

At ShapeGrabber, measuring complex shapes is our specialty. We design, manufacture, and sell automated 3D scanners for rapid measurement of complex shapes. Manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, medical, and other industries rely on ShapeGrabber products for their components, such as injection molded plastics and precision castings, which are difficult to measure using traditional tools.

About Quality Vision International

Quality Vision International (QVI®) is the world’s largest vision metrology company. The company designs and builds a complete line of dimensional measuring machines that combine optical, laser, and contact sensors into easy to use systems. More than 50,000 QVI systems are used by manufacturers in over 75 countries around the world to measure and inspect their products for quality and process control. Founded in 1945, QVI has grown to become the world leader in optical, mechanical, electronic, and software technologies for vision and multisensor measuring systems.

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