Hi-Tech Metrology Introduces ShapeGrabber 3D Laser Scanners to Australia for Quality Inspection of Complex-Shaped Parts

Leaders in metrology and inspection innovation join forces to deliver new value for quality assurance professionals.

7 May 2012 – Melborne, AU & Ottawa, Ontario, CA – Hi-Tech Metrology, the leading provider of metrology inspection innovation in Australia, and ShapeGrabber, a pioneering innovator of industrial 3D laser scanners for inspection and measurement, today announced a distribution agreement for the Australian market. 

Under the agreement, Hi-Tech Metrology will have distribution rights for ShapeGrabber automated 3D scanners to Australia-based customers. This broadens Hi-Tech’s offering with solutions to address some of the toughest inspection and quality-control projects that involve complex-shaped parts, such as injection-molded plastics, stamped metal, castings and other objects that are otherwise too time consuming, costly or simply impossible to measure.

David Eldridge, General Manager at Hi-Tech Metrology, said: “Manufacturers in Australia increasingly wish to add 3D laser scanning to their inspection and quality assurance processes. For customers with complex-shaped and multi-feature parts, we can now offer a leading solution with ShapeGrabber’s industrial-grade 3D scanners.”

He continues: “Whilst arm-based solutions provide a strong option for in-field inspection and reverse engineering applications, with the ShapeGrabber automated solution we can provide customers who have medium- to high-volume inspection needs with a solution that enables more repeatable and accurate results to be achieved than ever before.”

Pierre Aubrey, CEO at ShapeGrabber, said: “We are very pleased to expand our global reach into Australia through the expertise of Hi-Tech Metrology. ShapeGrabber 3D scanners provide an excellent addition to Hi-Tech’s range of metrology offerings, in addition to the proven reliability and quality that our 5th-generation technology delivers.”

ShapeGrabber 3D laser scanners are ideal for:

  • Quickly capturing the entire surface area of parts, in particular complex-shaped, multi-featured objects
  • Automating repetitive inspection projects
  • Inspection and measurement projects where speed and accuracy are paramount
  • Quickly comparing an actual part to a CAD model, or to another part
  • Trouble-shooting problems such as warp, twist, fit, mold defects and more

About Hi-Tech Metrology

Hi-Tech Metrology was founded in 1992 to facilitate the uptake and diffusion of the latest measurement technologies throughout Australia and New Zealand. The company has grown to become a leading supplier of metrology solutions throughout the region. Today, the company’s extensive range of metrology and scanning equipment, combined with support services and offices through Australasia, enable Hi-Tech to tailor solutions that incorporate hardware, software and engineering for virtually any measurement or reverse engineering task. www.hitechmetrolgy.com.au

About ShapeGrabber

At ShapeGrabber, measuring complex shapes is our specialty. We design, manufacture and sell industrial 3D laser scanner products that are ideal for measuring complex shapes such as injection-molded plastics, castings and stampings that are otherwise too time consuming, costly or difficult to measure. Considered to be one of the industrial pioneers in the field, ShapeGrabber has been supplying 3D scanners to customers for 17 years, over 5 generations of technology development. www.shapegrabber.com

Contact Information

To request an online product demonstration with Hi-Tech Metrology or ShapeGrabber, contact:

Hi-Tech Metrology

David Eldridge
General Manager
Ph: +61 3 9702 3911
E: deldridge@hitechmetrology.com.au
W: www.hitechmetrology.com.au


Pierre Aubrey
President / CEO
Ph: +1 613 247 1707×230
E: Pierre.aubrey@shapegrabber.com
W: www.shapegrabber.com