Customers Value ShapeGrabber Scanning Technology for Injection Molded Plastic Parts

March 1, 2010 – Ottawa, ON Canada –Industrial 3D scanning specialist, ShapeGrabber, continues to draw attention and new business from manufacturers using injected molded plastic parts. 

Manufacturers face the challenge of having complex injected molded plastic parts conform precisely to dimensional specifications. This is particularly true in the medical and automotive sectors, where plastics now allow injection molded components to be used where metal was once the only option. These complex shapes, however, make injection molded plastic parts some of the most difficult to measure.

ShapeGrabber’s 3D scanning technology is used by dozens of major North American manufacturers. This past year, the company saw its products become integrated as a staple of quality inspection processes, with customers replacing traditional manual measurement techniques by bringing more and more product lines onto their ShapeGrabber scanners.

New defence sector accounts accounted for much of the growth. Automotive manufacturers also continue to rely on ShapeGrabber technology, including firms like Delphi, Ford, Toyota, Honda, MPC and General Motors.

“Essentially, we are seeing customers of all sizes turn to us because they realize that 3D scanning technology is proven, affordable and of fundamental value to the inspection process”, said Pierre Aubrey, CEO of ShapeGrabber.

ShapeGrabber’s automated 3D scanners are used for quality inspection of aerospace, automotive, medical and other complex-shaped parts.

About ShapeGrabber

At ShapeGrabber, measuring complex shapes is our specialty. We design, manufacture and sell industrial 3D scanners that are ideal for measuring complex shapes such as injection molded plastics and castings that are otherwise too time consuming, costly, or difficult to measure. Customers in the automotive, aerospace, medical, and other industries use our products.  ShapeGrabber is based in Ottawa, Canada, and has installed 3D inspection systems worldwide for clients such as Toyota, Northrop Grumman, Johnson & Johnson, HP and Toshiba.

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Shaun Markey

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